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Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant in Bilbao

Taste exquisite vegetarian and vegan dishes with an amazing cellar of organic wines

El mejor restaurante vegetariano de Bilbao

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian food

Pop round to Garibolo and enjoy our dining rooms, we take bookings for individual tables as well as shared community tables.

Especialidades Garibolo Bilbao

Over 800 specialties

To choose from, thanks to our culinary skills and with a great cellar of chemically-untreated, organic wines.

Restaurante Garibolo Bilbao

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We are in the centre of Bilbao, enjoy the very best ambience set in original decor.


best vegetarian restaurant in bilbao


Garibolo is the vegetarian restaurant in Bilbao with possibly the very best cuisine highlighting healthy eating habits.  At Garibolo those looking for both a vegetarian diet  as well as a vegan diet can enjoy our gastronomy.

Vegetarian menus

Great selection of vegetarian and vegan menus, all dishes are changed daily.

of the day

Our cuisine is simple, clean, natural and flavourful, with a wide range of fresh and seasonal produce.


Opiniones Garibolo

Un vegetariano correcto aunque con poca gracia. Los platos están bien pero sin ser sabrosos, y tampoco es especialmente barato (40 euros dos personas para cenar). El local está bien y los camareros tienen un trato profesional. Hay opciones veganas. La tarta de zanahoria y chocolate estaba sabrosa.

Diego Rubiera